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Naoshima, Japan

Uluru, NT, Australia

Neuschwanstein Castle,
 Bavaria, Germany

New York, USA

View from South Sister,

Dr Simon Schrödle


4/2018- Living squid every day! New home - Ube, Japan!
7/2016-3/2018 Ludwigshafen, Germany, home sweet home! And Asia - for half of the time.
9/2013-7/2016 USA - East Coast. Enjoying the Big Apple, and other places, half of the time.
2008 onwards Settled down for now: Ludwigshafen, Germany
12/2006-1/2007 Eugene to Eugene, via Seattle, Hongkong, Perth, Dubai, Munich, Coppenhagen...
7/2006 SAME planet, NEW continent, NEW field of research:
the Richmond group has a new member.
6/2006 I feel like a tourist in my home country.
5/2006 Russia: there are a few essential words -- Nevskoje, Platzkarte and don't forget:
trains from Kaliningrad leave on Moscow time!
4/2005-4/2006 Australia, Western Australia: the sun is burning, metals are dissolving.
2/2005-4/2005 Being part of the famous ELDAR project.
10/2002-1/2005 How to become a Mikroweller?
Locking signal sources, shifting phase angles.
1997-2002 Regensburg University. Studying hard. Studying Chemistry.
Regensburg: falling in love with a ... town?
1997 Yeah! Finished high school...
1992-1997 It's Jufo time: becoming a young scientist...
12/24/1980 Donauwörth, Northern Swabia, Germany: got my first toolkit for christmas, including hammer, screwdriver and a fuse.
08/14/1977 N 48° 43' 18.48", E 10° 46' 49.80": born.

4/2018 Simon Schrödle, Ludwigshafen, Germany.
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